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This site is owned an operated in the UK by Preon Services. It provides a way for visitors to find products relevant to making homemade hampers. Products may be added to a shopping cart on this site. When visitors click the ‘Checkout’ button they are taken to Amazon.co.uk to complete the purchase of their selected items. No financial transactions take place on this site and no personal details are taken from our visitors. To view our full privacy policy please click here.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that prices and availability of items listed on this site are accurate, there may occasionally be differences between the items listed here and the items available on Amazon.co.uk. We encourage visitors to check their shopping cart contents carefully before completing the transaction with Amazon.

Preon Services endeavour to ensure that all items listed on this site are of excellent quality and value. However, we are not responsible for the fulfilment of orders placed on Amazon.co.uk and we make no guarantee in relation to any of the products listed. You can read our full disclaimer here.

In the event that visitors are not entirely satisfied with their purchase from Amazon.co.uk we recommend contacting Amazon Customer Services.

For any other enquiries relating to this website please email us… enquiries (at) diyhampers .co.uk

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